Teen Sexual Health Clinic

Dr Farhana will be running a Teen Sexual Health Clinic, for teens aged between 13 years and 26 years.

This clinic aims to make it easier for teens to access sexual health information and services. Teens will be able to discuss and obtain scripts for contraception and have STI screening performed.

Here are some cool facts regarding the clinic, that will make it easier for our teens:

  • The clinic will be set away from our other GP rooms, to offer teens confidence in the privacy of their attendance.
  • The clinic will be billed at a discounted fee, to limit the out of pocket expense.
  • If you cannot bring your Medicare card - all good! We will look it up for you, so you don't have to ask.
  • Don't want your parent to come? If you are over 15 then you don't need to be accompanied.
  • Think you may need some tests done? We have pathology right next door, and they will bulk bill your tests.
  • Need to pick up a script? We have a chemist right next door.
  • We are confidential - we will not discuss your private matters with anyone, without your consent.