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Our team of dedicated General Practitioners is available to diagnose, treat and advise on all medical and health issues including:

Skin Cancer Clinic

The Superclinic has the latest in digital technology - using DERMENGINE Software. Dr Astrid Baade and Dr Jalal Agha, special interest in the diagnosis, management and prevention of skin cancer.

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Dr Barbara Panitz is now offering nutritional and environmental medicine appointments.

Occupational Medicine

We are an approved provider for the Gladstone Industry Pass (3 site pass) and Coal Board Medicals. We also offer pre-employment medicals, commercial and dangerous good drivers medicals and drug and alcohol testing.

Childhood Immunisations

Immunisation protects people against harmful diseases before they are exposed to them. Immunisation not only protects individuals, but also the entire community, by reducing the spread of disease.


Many patients in Gladstone know what it is like to have to travel to Brisbane to see a specialist for a few minutes, only to be told that all is well and you can travel another six hours back home.

Flu Clinics

Free flu vaccines are available for those eligible under the National Immunisation

Program before the peak flu season hits in Winter!  

  • Children 6mths – 5 years  
  • Pregnant women     
  • All ATSI people     
  • Adults aged 65 years +
  • Those with certain medical conditions

For everyone else, the vaccine is available while stocks last.


Dr Barb Panitz performs male infant (up to 14 days old) circumcisions using the plastibell device, under local anaesthetic.

Chronic Disease Management

Making a real difference in peoples lives is what gives health professionals real job satisfaction...

Other Patient Services

We offer procedures such as infant tongue and lip ties, wedge resections and ear toilet. We also offer a Sexual Health clinic for contraception advice and procedures.

Total Body Mapping

Total Body Photography (also known as TBP or Full-Body Imaging) is the most effective technique for imaging all lesions on a patient’s body.

Our equipment will automatically map a patient's lesion to their personal 3D Body Map.

It identifies changes to the skin over time prioritized by amount of change to detect skin cancer or other diseases at the earliest opportunity.

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